Old Paths Bible Church
Old Paths Bible Church

How to Find Us

From Bowling Green, MO       Take Hwy. Y (Main Street) West out of town about 9 miles in a generally southwest direction until you pass Farmer intersection.  Take Pike Road 410 East (a left hand turn) about 2 miles on gravel until you see church on South side of road.


From Middletown, MO       Take Hwy. 161 NE toward Bowling Green and then left on Hwy. M.  Take M north until it intersects with Hwy. Y.  Turn right (East) and drive until you see Pike Road 410 on right.  THERE IS A SIGN AT ROAD THAT READS:  SILOAM CHURCH / OLD PATHS BIBLE CHURCH.  Take 410 to church (approx. 2 miles).


From Vandalia, MO       Take Hwy. V from town until it ends at Hwy. M.  Turn right and then left on Hwy. Y.  Stay on Hwy. Y after split and continue until you see Pike Road 410 on right.  SIGN WILL BE VISIBLE.  Take 410 about 2 miles to church on South side of road.


If you are coming from out of town, please let us know and we can show proper hospitality!

Contact Us

Old Paths Bible Church

Siloam Church

Pike 410

P. O. Box 65

Bowling Green, MO



Phone: (573) 324-6720

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This website is a means of connecting with people on the basis of truth, fellowship, spiritual edification or to instruct those who are just curious about the concept of "God". The Old Paths Bible Church is a home for people who are longing for non-contemporary, old fashioned church .  We are seeking to be more scriptural, more Spirit-led, and therefore more truly relevant.  If you are a distraught Christian tired of production, amplification, and showmanship, a seeker of sound, simple Bible teaching, or a non-Christian with an open mind to Christianity and a desire to find purpose,  we invite you to come seek out the "old paths, where is the good way and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls".

Pastor Tommy Schultz

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