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Current meetings

We are looking forward to our next fellowship meeting on the first Sunday in December and hope to see you there! 

Our first-Sunday pm meetings are open meetings held for fellowship between churches. The Lord has blessed us to have friends from both Missouri and Illinois in attendance and every meeting has been a blessing. Some have been mostly singing, some have been mostly personal testimonies of God's help, and a few have been lots of preaching!  Prayer and worship are always a part as our gathering together is for the purpose of magnifying the LORD and growing in our knowledge of Him.


These meetings are structured to give God the opportunity to build up His church by participation from whichever members of the body that He chooses.


Our Sunday morning church consists of singing, prayer, testimonies, and the preaching of the Word of God. We believe worship should not be formalistic, but respectful, reverent, fervent, and scripturally spiritual. According to the words of Christ, "they that worship must worship in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship him". The preaching is sometimes a Bible lesson, sometimes doctrinal, sometimes evangelistic, as the Lord leads.


Thursday nights are for group prayer, a time of Bible memorization, and Bible Study. We open our Bible studies to questions and answers and invite you to come. This coming Thursday, September 26th, service is dismissed due to camp meeting.

Shape-note singings

Currently the Northeast Missouri Shape Note Singers are meeting on the second Saturday of every month from 2:30 to 5:00. Our next singing will be on Saturday, December 14, 2019. For information on the singing convention, go to stlfasola.org. Please also note that our May singing is always held on Memorial Day, and it is an all day singing with dinner on the grounds. In October, our singing is cancelled to attend the annual singing in Dripping Springs,  MO. This is a non-commercial, informal event in which both participators and spectators are welcome. You are welcome to arrive or leave at any time, as this is common and does not disrupt the singing whatsoever.  During good weather, the church-yard will be full of children playing frisbee, football, or tag during the breaks.

If you are an out of towner coming to sing with us, please call ahead so that we can accommodate you and give you good directions! Anyone can call with questions and we will be glad to help! 

Shape-note singing is best described as four-part harmony in a primitive fashion.  We sing from the Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition (Denson Book) and the Missouri Harmony.  We sit in four sections facing the "hollow square" and read our respective notation to determine the parts.  This tradition is tracable to the early reformation, at least and is a wonderful way to learn note reading, harmony, historical hymnody, give glory to God and enjoy fellowship all at one time.  An advantage to learning this acapella type of singing is that it trains one to determine the melody of a song when musical instruments are not available.  This is especially advantageous in a family setting during devotional time, while travelling, or spontanaeously as the need or desire arises.  As one song exhorts us, "let all inspired with godly mirth sing solemn hymns of praise".


We sing what is known as "fa-so-la" or four shape music.  Come and enjoy an historic, edifying, and religiously educational experience! To listen to shape note singing in other locations, see stlfasola.org.


PLEASE NOTE:  As this type of music is acapella, or sung without musical accompanyment, we do not usually use these books in our normal church worship.  It is our practice to employ all types of acoustic musical instruments in joyful and reverent praise to God!






The word "scriptorium" means "a room for writing". Through the centuries, scriptoriums were places where God's Word was preserved and re-written for the coming generations. Our scriptorium is an event where the Bible is preserved by memorization. 

The 2018 Scriptorium is now history and pictures will be posted soon! If you missed this scriptorium and would like to participate in the next one, give us a call and let us know!

We are now in the planning stages for another Scriptorium. Call for information or suggestions!

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This website is a means of connecting with people who want truth, fellowship, spiritual edification or are just curious about the concept of "God". The Old Paths Bible Church is a home for people who are longing for non-contemporary, old fashioned church .  We are seeking to be more scriptural, more Spirit-led, and therefore more truly relevant.  If you are a distraught Christian tired of production, amplification, and showmanship, a seeker of sound, simple Bible teaching, or a non-Christian with an open mind to Christianity and a desire to find purpose,  we invite you to come seek out the "old paths, where is the good way and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls".

Pastor Tommy Schultz

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